Established in 2015, as The Allotment Cook I am so proud to have worked collaboratively with a number of different gardening companies and broadcasters. I first appeared on BBC Radio Lincolnshire in 2018. From 2021 until 2023 I then featured as a weekly gardening expert on the station's Sunday Gardening Phone in Show, which included advice and special features and interviews from the gardening world. From November 2023 I now appears as a regular gardening expert on The Potting Shed live in the studio.

I am proud to come from generations of kitchen gardeners and professional cooks. Tracing back my gardening heritage to the Royal Windsor Gardeners of my great, great grandparents. I am also proud of my affinity with my great grandfather, who was one of the very first and original professional chefs at The Dorchester in London. Combining my own passion for growing fruit and vegetables with cooking is a living joy of my own heritage. As a fully trained, qualified and experienced educator, I also have a real drive to share my knowledge with children and I have worked and designed gardening curriculums for schools. 

An advocate of community growing. As acting Chair for a local community project, I am a supporter of other community projects who work tirelessly to support communities through social therapeutic horticulture and engaging communities through gardening for wellbeing. 


Paid Partnerships & Collaborations.

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